I'm just a girl and although my body is in the West my heart is in the Middle East (Nancy's house). I don't like be fan of anyone but I'm a proud to be #3ajarem almost 3 years ago Nancy Ajram is like my little crush ❤'
29. March 2014

I’m happy, excited and proud 3ajarem.

I still remember when I saw the video (Yey Sehr Ouyounou) it was love at first sight (year 2011). I never had heard a song in Arabic. I think… Nancy has something to love, maybe her voice, the melody and I can assure you that the lyrics of all the songs say real, beautiful and sweet things.

Maybe I’ll never get to be like an Arab fan, which I have noticed that they tell super cute and mellow things to her… like: Nancy you are my breath, my love, my life, you are everything to me. Still I am proud to be foreign and I love Nancy in my own way (and believe me that’s a lot ♥). I love her so much and a proof of it is that I have guys all original discs purchased by iTunes. And this last album wasn’t going to be a exception.

I LOVE YOU NANCY. With love Jelly

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"The best video definitely contains sensual scenes, without being vulgar": Me